South Africa

This is where humanity began: our ancestors' traces are still evident in fossilised footprints 80 000 years old, and in the world's oldest rock paintings. Today, South Africa is the powerhouse of Africa, the most advanced, broad-based economy on the continent, with infrastructure to match any first-world country.

You can drive on wide, tarred highways all 2 000 kilometres from Musina at the very top of the country to Cape Town at the bottom. Or join the millions of international travellers who disembark at our airports every year.

About two-thirds of Africa's electricity is generated here. Around 40% percent of the continent's phones are here. Over half the world's platinum and 10% of its gold is mined here. And almost everyone who visits is astonished at how far a dollar, euro or pound will stretch.

Welcome to the Republic of South Africa.

Nelson Mandela’s rainbow nation. This magnificent country has it all. Beautiful ranges of mountains down the spine with a pelt of desert, grassland and forest rimmed by Azure wild seas and pristine sun warmed beaches. Visit here and treasure forever the memories that will be etched deep into your memory. You will yearn to return.

Variety is the keyword. From a birding or big game safari in the huge , wild and exotic Kruger National park in the north, down to the fairest Cape of them all and the city of Cape Town protected by Table mountain and the twelve apostles in the far south.

You can be golfing and gambling in glamourous Sun City, host to Africa’s golf major or diving with Great white sharks in Gaansbaai, hiking through the magnificent Drakensburg mountain range or chilling on a beach in sunny Durban with its eastern flavor.

South Africa has much to offer in cultural diversity with 11 major languages, the apartheid and other museums and its large populations of nationals from other African countries. It is also home to some of the earliest human remains and has been referred to as the cradle of mankind..

South Africa is well equipped to cater for visitors with large and very modern airports, a variety of hotels and lodges and good infrastructure. The people are friendly and welcoming.

Sun bird Destinations South Africa
Capitals Pretoria, Cape Town, Bloemfontein
Population 52.98 million
Dialling Code +27
Currency ZAR South African Rand

Sun Bird's pick of South African destinations

  • Cape Town - In summer with its natural beauty and varied activity options, fabulous restaurants, amazing views and cultural activities.

  • The Kruger National Park - Five star superior lodges in winter when the game is easier to see and you are drawn to the warmth of a camp fire in the evening. One of the largest eco-spheres in the world and home to an incredible diversity in animals.

  • The Palace at Sun City - Bordering on the Pilansberg big five game reserve, with a world class casino and home to Africas Golf major played on a course designed by Gary Player rated the best in South Africa.

  • Johannesburg - South Africa's first city lacks in beaches it more than makes up for with a seriously buzzing urban landscape packed with superb bars, inventive restaurants, cool hotels and one of the world's most exciting theatre, art and music scenes - not to mention safari just outside if you want get some time with the country's most recognisable furry residents.

Cape Town

South Africa

Cape Town

Voted as the top tourist destination in the world. Beautiful beyond measure and a place of many and varied activities.

South Africa Kruger Park

South Africa

The Kruger National Park

Kruger has many five star award winning lodges such as Singita, Ulusaba , Sabi Sabi, Mala Mala, etc

South Africa Sun City

South Africa

The Palace at Sun City

With four luxury hotels, two golf courses, a large casino and entertainment center, parks, lakes and a fabulous water world

South Africa

South Africa


Voted the coolest city in the southern hemisphere by GQ magazine