Why Southern Africa?

Southern Africa is one of the most rewarding and affordable destinations in the world. Especially NOW with the weakened currency . We would like the opportunity to host your incursion into this fascinating and awe inspiring region with its abundant and varied natural beauty and world beating facilities. Southern Africa is about diversity and variety and this is what makes it stand out and better any other African destination and I am sure at least equal any other in the world.

The region has superb infrastructure, wonderful five star hotels, Michellin star rated restaurants , massive conference venues .

Diversity of people and cultures is an important drawcard. For example : The melting pot of AFRICA .. Johannesburg recently rated by GQ magazine as the trendiest city in the Southern Hemisphere with people from all over africa making their home here and adding their flavour.

Compare Fast Food Prices - A Big Mac Meal Large is R52.00 = $3.66 (USA). British Pound = 2.50. Euro = 3.19. AUD = 4.81.

AMAZING wines and cheap beverages