Why Sun Bird Destinations?

  • Passion
  • We love what we have chosen to do and are totally sincere in our belief that we can and will impress you behold your expectations in an awe inspiring and unique environment. Southern Africa is an incredible destination that we strive to share with our groups. Southern Africa is truly unspoiled and waiting to be discovered.

  • Experience
  • We have been active in travel in this region for 20 years and have accumulated in depth and detailed knowledge of the region during this time. This translates into close bonds with our suppliers and partners and the ability to offer the best options at all budgets.

  • Transparent dealings and fair terms
  • We are Transparent and open in our dealings. We quote within 48 hours on most requests and will negotiate terms of payment and pricing.

  • Service levels
  • Our commitment to service is open ended and has no boundries. We are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. During the contracting process and after and we are fully committed to servicing your needs.